Knysna and Knysna Accommodation

Knysna, Knysna Accommodation and Knysna Things To Do

Knysna is well known for it’s lush forests, the 18 square km estuary, the Heads and it is a shopper’s and golfing paradise.

Knysna Heads

Knysna Heads

The town is also known as one of the top 100 destinations in the world and is home to the unique Knysna Seahorse.

Knysna is surrounded by Brenton, Noetzie, Rheenendal, Belvedere and Buffalo Bay. There are eight beaches to choose from – Bollard Bay on Leisure Isle is a safe family beach.

The estuary or also referred to as the Knysna lagoon is permanently open to the sea and many species of fish are found in the lagoon and rivers.



Every year the town hosts the Pick & Pay Oyster festival, the Pink Loerie gay festival apart from all the other festivals.

A wide range of water activities can be enjoyed ranging from swimming, surfing, canoeing, yachting, jet-skiing, boating, ferry rides and fishing.

Knysna offers top class accommodation and fine restaurants that will tickle every taste bud!

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