Tsitsikamma Mountain Trail

By Lalakoi

Tsitsikamma Mountain Trail

tsitsikamma mountain trails

tsitsikamma mountain trails

Hiking Trails in the Tsitsikamma Forest

The Tsitsikamma Trail journeying through extensive indigenous forest and mountain fynbos. Ancient river gorges and abundant rivers and streams continually remind us of the creative power of water and the origins of the word Tsitsikamma. Going on a hiking trails is one of the most popular things to do in the Tsitsikamma

Natures Valley Hiking Trail

Beginning in Natures Valley and ending 60-km further at either the Storms River Bridge or Village, this six day, unidirectional trail takes hikers through the heart of the Tsitsikamma Mountains . Shorter variations (2, 3, 4 or 5 days) are possible as each overnight hut has its own unique access route with safe parking at the start. Optional equipment porterage now provides hikers with the chance of having all their equipment transported between over-night huts. Other activities now permitted include vehicular and mountain bike access to certain over-night huts and informative guided day walks.

Good quality over-night Accommodation on  Tsitsikamma Mountain Trail

The trails over-night accommodation facilities have been upgraded to an excellent standard and you can truly enjoy magnificent views and relax in comfort at each of the five over-night huts.

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