Rhino Linings Rubberized Linings in George

Custom-Sprayed Polyurethane Linings in George

Rubberized Linings in George
Custom-sprayed rubberized linings can now also be done at Best Fit Glass in George and Knysna. The Rhino Lining product is a custom spray-on liner that forms a permanent air and watertight lining with virtually any surface including steel, aluminum, fiberglass, concrete and wood. Polyurethane, used in Rhino Linings, is a resilient, flexible and durable manufactured material.

Rubberizing in George

Rubberizing offers protection against rust, abrasion, chemical attack and impact damage. Rubberized linings are non skid, flexible surfaces reducing damage to your vehicle and cargo. It is not only used for vehicles but also on roofs and decks in the building industry. Best Fit Glass George and Knysna offer a mobile rubberizing service for you convenience.

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