Privately Owned Pharmacy in George

Geneva Pharmacy in George

Parmacies in George

Geneva Pharmacy is George is a privately owned pharmacy in George where each client receives the best possible advice, service and personal attention. Here you are not just another customer. At the pharmacy there are also some products in stock that are available at incredible discounts.

Medicine and Health Care Products in George

Pharmacies in George

The pharmacy stocks a wide range of medicine and health care products. Some of the products in stock are not available from other pharmacies in George or surroundings but exclusive to Geneva Pharmacy.
Some of these products include the following:

  • D-Drops – a liquid vitamin D that helps the body to absorb calcium which is necessary for the normal development and maintenance of strong bones and teeth.
  • ViralPin – s a natural cold and flu immune booster with sterols and sterolins that helps combat the dreaded cold and flu virus
  • Super Oxygen Products – boosts the immune system with hypoxis and the enhancing performance, endurance and recuperation.
  • Geneva Pharmacy Baby Bum Cream – an affordable and effective bum cream developed by Geneva Pharmacy.
  • Post Nasal Treatment – very effective treatment, contact or visit Geneva Pharmacy for more information
  • Migraine Mix and Cough Mixtures – formulated by the pharmacist/ owner
  • Miracle Colic Remedy – formulated by the pharmacist/ owner
  • Conni Range – a range of re-usable continence aids that includes bed and chair pads, waterproof bed and linen protection and under garments for men, women and children.

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